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Low-cost conversion Kit to convert manual wheelchairs to Automatic Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchair users on several occasions have to be dependent on others. Our project opens up possibilities to be largely independent

Features of the project:

  • Being a low-cost and portable unit that is easy to install and maintain, it becomes an attractive option for many in India and other developing countries
  • Smartphone based gesture control helps the user to remotely call the wheelchair to his/her place
  • Accelerometer based gesture control helps the user with very limited mobility to become independent
  • Clip-on mechanism for propulsion unit makes the user retain independence while he/she travels in bus/car/train etc.,
  • Apart from this clip-on unit, we are also attempting to create a totally redesigned futuristic wheelchair that is affordable to the users in India and other developing countries.

Team size: 12 student interns from various streams of Engineering

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