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Inclusion Champions Project

The biggest challenge faced in India with inclusion is largely the lack of awareness in the society regarding the needs and challenges faced by persons with disabilities. This can change, when we nurture young students with leadership potential about inclusion, so that they can play the role of champions of this cause and spread the awareness among others.

This program has an immense potential.

As the students transition from schools to colleges and to jobs, they can play the role of change agents to influence the society around them to be more inclusive.

Towards this, as a pilot program, we spoke with a few schools in Mysuru to nominate five to ten students with leadership potential from each school for Inclusion Champions Program. The schools have expressed interested to take part.

This program will provide exposure to the students about various disabilities, and how to participate/collaborate in various situations. We also aspire to hold ideation events at school level where students discuss the challenges faced by persons with disabilities, and how they can be addressed. We are hoping that some of these fresh perspectives will help us develop out of the box solutions at S.R.I. Labs, as we continue to work on them in association with Engineering Students.

We are planning to take this program forward in association with local NGO partners, individuals and companies supporting disability cause.

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